The IBM 701 System

Figure 1: The IBM 701 System
This view shows the general layout of the IBM 701 for which overhead air conditioners were used because underfloor utilities service had not yet been invented. Tad Kishi is at the printer and Bill Bryne is at the card punch unit. The images of the other persons are not distinct enough for identification.
  Figure 2: The 701 Console
This is the only picture we have showing a clear view of an IBM 701 console. The 701 was, in a way, IBM's response to the UNIVAC 1. It was quite a bit faster than the UNIVAC. These machines used about 150 Williams Tubes (~2.5" CRTs) for their memory. Each tube stored a 32 x 32 bit array on its face. They were very sensitive to ambient bright light and seismic shocks. This contributed enormously to the unreliability of the 701.