Stories of the Development of Large Scale Scientific Computing


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


An Oral and Pictorial History

Compiled by

George A. Michael

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Ret.)

(and others)



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Introduction by George A. Michael

Page 1: Interviews of people who were part of the development of computing at LLNL

Page 2: Contributions from some not directly interviewed

            A fun paper written by Jim Minton about 2000, added July 21, 2021

Page 3: People we'd like to interview

Page 4: Significant hardware and software work

Page 5: Fun stuff from the Glory Days at LLNL

Page 6: Other Web Sites That May Be Of Interest

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Catherine Williams George A. Michael
George passed away on June 5, 2008.
He will be missed.
Read the obituary and testamonial documents written for his funeral.
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Jed Donnelley Sam Coleman Tom DeBoni